"I want to thank you for the phenomenal support you offered, going beyond the norms. This partnership brought a lot of success and positive momentum to both SearchForce and Zinemind only  because of these extra effort as well as commitment."
Santhosh Nair
Chief Technology Officer - Search Force Inc, USA
"We needed a fast, efficient and reliable automation solution for a critical customer need. We connected with ZineMind and reviewed our issue – how to automate manual updates in Oracle Cloud that needed to be accurate and done on short notice! Within a week, ZineMind built a solution that we were able to test and migrate to production. The Automation solution cut our manhours by 80% and allowed us to complete all tasks on time!

Zinemind’s expertise on Automation allowed us to provide an accurate solution on a tight schedule. We now have satisfied customer and a reusable solution that we will be able to deploy with other customers!"
John Leinweber
Principal , QC Consulting Group LLC, USA
“Terrific & jaw dropping experience”. Everybody really liked the UI and UX of our system. I am fully aware of the efforts by programming and DB architects. Kudos to the team who worked hard behind this project to make this such a wonderful experience. The hard work that you guys have put in during the past couple of months have made this possible. Thank you once again for supporting me in this.”
Deepson Thomas
CEO, Cadvil, Dubai
"I am very much impressed by the hard work and dedication your team had put in, plus supporting the last minute's requests from the client side and offering fast turnaround time. Their devotion towards completing a given target with such positive attitude and humility is truly inspiring for our colleagues as well. I wholeheartedly appreciate their professionalism and great team spirit and wish to thank you for assigning them to our project"
Vidya Neel
COO, Kamkash, Singapore
"Thank you for supporting TI projects with your hardworking developers. Continue the great work. We have a lot to do."
R. K. Maniyani
CTO, TrueInfluence, USA
"I am really happy with your service, It is just great. We are planning a couple more web portals in the near future and will be trusting ZineMind to come through for us again!!"
Joint Secretary, Red Cross Kerala
"ZineMind Technologies has recently done a web portal for my law firm “Sheela and Associates” Advocates. They have given attention to minute details starting from design to deployment. They set good expectations and deliver on time. I record my appreciation for ZineMind Technologies for their professionalism and integrity. I recommend ZineMind services to all my business associates and my personal and contacts."
Ms. Sheela Adaveeshiah LLM
President, Sheela Associates
"I had the opportunity of working with Ajith Narayan, director and founder of Zinemind, on a global financial customer support system 15 years ago and was very impressed with his ability to deliver blusiness IT solutions.  I have entrusted Ajith and his team at Zinemind for my new venture and have already noticed them exceeding my expectations."
Dr Steve Kaplan, NMD
Chief Medical Officer, Biological Energy Medicine, USA