• The application suite has been successfully implemented and has been operational at Bombardier Transportation Manufacturing facilities for the past 5 years.
  • The solution is being used by them to manage the processes on their shop-floors across various locations, which includes Australia, India, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Presently, the solution has been leveraged in the organization for 3000+ rail coaches using 1m+ Checksheets and comprising over 30m+ Quality DataPoints.

Customization Available

  • Product Checkforms that can be created as per each workstation’s process scheduling
  • Define the accepted values for the Quality checks as per the corresponding Inward Inspection Registries
  • Reporting parameters can can be modified as per the needs of the supervisory user.

Product Advantages

  • Observe quantified improvements in Execution & Quality Management processes in Manufacturing organizations
  • Digitally administer all processes in the manufacturing cycle, including Vendor Concession Report, Non-Conformance Report, Modification Requests, etc.
  • The tablet integration with the web application provides a complete package for on-the-go data access and all shop-floor operations
  • Maintain historical Quality Check records of all finished goods, starting from the time of process initiation
  • Seamlessly create Andons to raise issues in the machinery instantaneously, as also for planning the scheduled maintenance